About our volunteers

Our volunteers work as drivers or hoppers for about 1-1/2 hours, one day each week. Some volunteers drive AND hop, others are paired in a team. We also maintain a list of substitutes who can step in when a regularly scheduled volunteer is unavailable.

A few of our volunteers also assist us in the kitchen assembling meals and packaging client boxes.

Most volunteers are assigned to one of 18 routes. The driver must supply transportation to pick up the meals at South Haven United Church of Christ and deliver to each recipient. The hopper delivers the meals at each stop. All drivers must have up-to-date licenses and insurance.

There are a few requirements to be a Meals on Wheels volunteer. • Commitment – a vow to be reliable, showing up for your assigned route, unless you’ve requested a substitute in advance • Compassion – a genuine caring for our recipients • Trustworthiness – a respect for our most needy and vulnerable clients. All volunteers are asked to undergo a background check by Bedford Police Dept., paid for by our program.

How do you become a volunteer?

If you’d like to volunteer, please call our office at 440.439.0302. We’ll set you up with a veteran volunteer on one of our routes. This will give you an opportunity to see how the program operates, to meet some of our clients, to ask questions, and to participate in the program. If you’d like to be on a two-person team, we’ll find a partner for you and you’ll be off and running.

Need more information?
If you’d like a representative from Southeast Clergy Meals On Wheels to speak to your organization, or for any other questions, please call or text Dinah Mouat at 440-439-0302.

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